1000 years ago, a group of seven adventurers defeated Ismael the Lich King as he attempted to imprison the good dragon god Bahamut and summon the evil dragon god Tiamat to their plane of existence. They defeated him, Tiamat became the one imprisoned, and Bahamut granted each of the heroes a mighty gift: a small, red stone called a Soulstone that would hold onto their souls. As long as their souls were kept safe in the Soulstones, they would never die, nor could they be killed. They were known as the Empty Seven.

Unfortunately, happy endings never last, and this one is no exception. Less than a hundred years after their victory, the Empty Seven began to drift apart, each one using their gift of immortality in their own way. Elias the Bear and his wife Jaryn formed the Night Watch, an order of knights that would guard the northern region of Caelum to prevent another invasion by the undead horde that resides north of the Blackwood. Branson, always the outsider of the group, formed a small, secret society known as the Harpers who would travel the various kingdoms of Caelum doing good deeds and preventing what evil they could.

Of Gods and Dragons